June 30, 2018

How to Renew Your NBI Clearance

It was in 2007 when I applied for my first NBI clearance. I remember having my mother accompany me in Carriedo and having to deal with the long queue and dizzying process. It was the very first time I had to do it, so despite my sore feet and queasy stomach, I had to suck it up, I needed that clearance for my summer job.

Moving forward, in 2012, my friend needed to pass her NBI clearance as her pending requirement for her work so she asked if I could come along. It was timely, since my NBI clearance had long been expired and since I had nothing better to do then. This time around, it was in Galleria. It was around 5 in the morning when my friend and I left our house since we anticipated the long line and we were told that only the first 100 or so were entertained. The line was still disheartening, (just imagine if we got there a bit later and we were no longer given any number, yikes!) but the process itself was simpler and the security personnel were accomodating.

Now six years later, the need to renew my NBI clearance came up. And since I had no idea on the renewal process anymore, I asked some people and was told that I just needed to go online, as easy as that! Talk about falling behind, way behind , lol.

As such, I wrote this post in an attempt to walk you through the renewal process based on my own experience in doing so, hope this helps you out :)

April 7, 2018

How to Renew Your Philippine Passport

By the latter part of 2017, my passport expired. Months prior to this, I contemplated whether or not I should renew it, considering the 10-year validity of the Philippine passport was still being talked about. But I kinda knew it would be detrimental not to renew it, given how there could be "unplanned trips" ahead. It would be SO sad if I can't go just because I didn't renew my passport when I had the chance.

I listed down the pros and cons, and yes the pros outweighed the other. Hence, despite the 10-year validity taking effect in just a few months, I jumped the gun and renewed my passport before 2017 wrapped up.

February 15, 2018

How to Upgrade Your PayMaya Account

I was on my way to Ortigas one rainy morning when I happened to see a billboard adverstising PayMaya. I nudged my companion then and asked if she knew what it was about. To cut to the chase, she told me that it was app that I should definitely download since it was something new and useful.

Intrigued, I looked it up and learned that there were various things I could do with it. Shopping online using a virtual VISA or MasterCard, booking flights, buying mobile load and paying bills were just a few of its perks. But what made me really interested in it was that it was prepaid and I could just load it up whenever I need it and through facilities that were easily accessible like 7/11, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop, ECPay, Bayad Centers or through mobile banking.

Later, I found out that there were more perks if the account was upgraded, such as being able to withdraw money (through the physical card) from Bancnet ATMs, sending money to another PayMaya user and having the monthly load limit from Php 50,000 to Php 100,000!

Ergo, the reason for this post ;)

January 3, 2018

Looking back, 2017 was quite an eventful year for me and my whole family. It started with the  departure of a loved one. We were all mellowed out and unsure of how to go about the days to come. At times, I even found myself crying as my heart felt hollow and our house more quieter than it used to be. Though it was painful, we were able to find solace in each other and learned how to deal with our loss. Yet, celebrations were still subdue. I'm not sure if we felt that it was wrong to be too happy or engrossed. Or maybe we just got old.

During the first quarter of 2017, I planned on what to write and  to regularly update my blog. I was able to deliver the first few weeks since I kinda had all the time in the world. I was invited to participate in contests, guest-blog and stuff. One write-up even took second place! Sweet! I was a bit overwhelmed but I was ecstatic. I didn't really think there were those who actually read and enjoy my ramblings. 

I made an instagram account as well. I did say I wasn't going to but I couldn't remember why I was so against having one so ergo, the addition to my social media account. I was totally freaked out with the things and expressions that were becoming mainstream. I wasn't entirely living under a rock but it felt that way. My, my, I was getting behind with the time!

May 15, 2017


From the cradle to the bed,
From tears I shed to blood I bled;
You've been there through it all.
You've pulled me up from every fall.

And when puberty hit and pimples grew,
We grew distant but we kinda knew,
You'll always be there for me too,
No matter the issue or even when tempers brew.

I met new people and gained friends through the years,
Picked up bad habits and cried bucketfuls of tears;
But the times I spent with you--------
They were still the greatest and fondest moments too.

And as I grew up and you grew old,
Your age neared to gold;
I realized time isn't our friend,
 I should be good to you while God has time to lend.

So know that the thoughts as I write these,
Are nothing short of love and reminisce;
We cannot go back to days gone by,
But now, we can surely enjoy the time left and try.

This piece is penned as I thought of my mother, hence the title; this is also my belated Mother's day tribute to her and to all the mothers out there!